Brand : MegaDeal

7″ Sensory Ball Baby toy Non-removable inflation Thick walls Unique texture

Delight little ones with the See-Me Sensory Ball. This fun and therapeutic toy has a unique texture that babies will love to grab onto. It has thick, see-through walls and a non-removable inflation/deflation receptacle (basketball pin type). The 7″ sensory ball enhances gross motor control by encouraging crawling, grasping and bilateral coordination. This is also a useful occupational therapy toy for sensory processing disorder and other types of tactile defensiveness. It can be used to build body awareness, manual dexterity and encourage reciprocal play. Use different sizes of these sensory balls to demonstrate changes in size and texture to visually impaired children. By deflating it slightly, you can make it easier for babies and children with weaker muscle tones to grasp and throw. The therapeutic ball is ideal for young children, from ages 6-12 months and up. See-Me Sensory Ball, 7″:Thick wallsNon-removable inflation/deflation receptacleDurable designFun and therapeutic toyUnique textureEnhances gross motor and tactile skillsEncourages crawling, grasping and coordinationIdeal for relaxing stimulation and body massageFor ages 6-12 months and up


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