Brand : ChiTronic

ChiTronic® Baby Crib Mobile Music Box Holder Arm Bracket Nut Screw Box


Full playing time: 3′00〞± 30〞
Playing speed: 16〞± 4〞
Service life: ≥400
Winding torque: ≤0.4Nm
Contrary torque: ≤0.4Nm
Vertical pull: ≥21 LBS
Retractive force: ≤2 LBS

How to use it:

It is easy to use it: rotating the protruding button, then let go the button, the music box will play music, there is a pause button on the music box, you can push the button to pause the music when you want to pause it.

Note: Please kindly note that it can not rotate while playing music.


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