Price : $23.79
Brand : Galt America

Galt Wiggly Worm Toy

Keep your baby entertained with the Galt Toys Wiggly Worm and its squeaky stuffed head, crinkly hat and three dangling toys to play with. The toy is provides plenty of visual, auditory and tactile interest, with a mirror ladybug, crinkly fabric butterfly and a bee rattle. Bright colors and soft fabrics encourage your child to handle the Wiggly Worm. It’s easy to keep the Wiggly Worm handy, wherever your baby might be. Just wrap the coil your baby’s crib railing or car seat handle and secure it with the fabric ties. Suitable for children from birth onwards. The toys in Galt’s First Years Collection provide multi-sensory developmental stimulation for infants and young babies. All Galt products are quality controlled and meet all American, Canadian, British and European standards for toy safety.


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