Grimm’s Balancing Owls – Wooden Baby Blocks for Stacking, Building & Creative Play, Sea Owls

Playtime’s a hoot with these beautiful owl building blocks. These adorable little owls can be stacked 3-high or played with individually! Made of solid wood, each set includes three owl blocks, graduated in size (thickness), and a balancing nest. Each block has a number of differently shaped surfaces, challenging kids to find the center of balance. Stimulate creative thinking and exploration! These wooden blocks are a perfect \”starter\” set for the very young. Instead of simple cubes, these Owls will be loved by babies and preschoolers alike, as children naturally gravitate toward faces and animals. The colors are delightful, and because certified non-toxic, water based stains are used, parents never need worry if baby puts these blocks in her mouth. Grimm’s designs toys inspired by principles of Waldorf education and therefore uses no lacquer or paint. Instead water based color stains are used, which give the blocks a natural feel that’s also ideal for slip-free building projects. In addition, all edges and corners are sanded smooth by hand to remove any sharp edges or corners. Dimensions: Tower measures 9\” H when stacked. There are 3 variations of the Owl Blocks (each sold separately): Mountain Owls, Desert Owls, and Sea Owls. For even more fun and extended play, collect them all! Combine them together and mix, sort and stack. Blocks are a foundational children’s toy because they grow with your child, can be used for many years, and promote motor, language and social skills, plus develop creativity, problem solving, color/shape perception and logic. About Grimm’s Nestled in a small town in Germany, Grimm’s Spiel und Holz Design manufactures high quality, beautiful, imaginative wooden toys intended to help children discover and develop their own creativity.


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