Price : $19.99
Brand : Hape

Hape Eco Jungle Music Instrument Set

Strike up the band! With so many fun things to tap and shake, even a friend can join in. This beautiful set includes fun wooden percussion instruments such as a handled castanet and guiro. Unique, colorful and engaging! Eco Toys is the latest line from Hape International. We have been producing quality toys since 1986 when Peter Handstein launched the company. Hape’s proud tradition of producing the highest quality, innovative toys in the marketplace carries on today. Hape is a Green Company using Eco Production Methods, such as our “Recycle/ Reuse/ Reduce” philosophy with regards to plant operations and buying certified FSC wood. We even bought a bamboo forest this year close to our workshop to reduce transport pollution! At Hape we also take the utmost care in everything we do in the workshop. We polish all of our wooden toys in cherry stones so they become super soft and hand finish everything. And we don’t like nasty chemicals so we ensure child safety by not using them. Our inks on our toys are water based, which is part of our commitment to reduce the use of any plastic in any of our products. Some times we have to, to get the toys super safe… but we’re working on it!


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