Brand : Think Fun

Hello Sunshine Game

Hello Sunshine – Your Child’s First Hide and Seek Game

Hello Sunshine is a charmingly simple game that will have you and your child laughing and playing together! Play hide and seek with Sunshine – an adorable plush toy – while teaching your child positional words such as: In, On Top, Below, Next To, and more. Game play evolves as your child grows.

step 1

Pick a card.

step 2

Hide Sunshine.

step 3

Have fun finding Sunshine together.

card categories

6 Card Categories: Behind, Next To, On Top, Under, In, In Front.

card storage

Handy velcro card storage pocket.


  • Large plush Sunshine.
  • 18 double-sided cards with 36 hiding places.
  • Instructions and learning benefits.
Why to Buy
  • Delightful game for toddlers and parents to play together.
  • Hide and seek game play appeals to younger players.
  • Helps build vocabulary and language skills.
  • Machine washable with self-contained storage.

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