Price : $59.95
Brand : Genius Baby Toys

Infant Development Toys Gift Bundle – Black, White & Red.

Genius Babies Developmental Gift Package features: 4 Black, White & Red, Infant Developmental Toys to Stimulate visual activity and early motor skills. Customer Favorites: Double-sided Infant Crib Mirror, Baby’s First Photo Album, Infant Graphic Sounds & Textures Soft Blocks and Double-side Book & Bumper Panel. All presented gift boxed.

Reversible Infant-Stim Crib Bumper Panel & Book in One! by Genius Baby Toys Measurements 38″ long x 7″ high One side is for birth to 3 months — with high-contrast black, white & red illustrations for early visual stimulation — the other for 3 to 6 months with brightly colored, more complex raised 3-D figures and activities, to entice baby to tummy-time play. Your baby should be placed on his or her tummy for tummy-time play when awake and supervised. Tummy-time helps develop neck and shoulder muscles. Genius Baby Toys develops toys such as the Double-Sided First Book, for providing appropriate stimulation to encourage tummy-time play. As a bumper book in baby’s carriage Tied to baby’s crib or playpen In an upright or lay-down position on the floor Features Raised three-dimensional figures Crisp and clear shapes and colors Variety of textures Baby-safe mirror Peek-a-boo activity birth and up.

Infant Graphic-Shapes Block Set of 3, by Genius Baby Toys – includes three large, soft shapes, in high contrast black, white and red. Shapes may be used together or individually. Each shape features multiple textures and an individual sound…one has a crinkle noise, one a rattle and one a bell sound. This wonderful, research correct set helps develop baby’s visual activity and gross motor skills. Birth and up.

Baby Crib Mirror – Black, White & Red- Infant-Stim Mirror Crib mirror has mirror on one side and high contrast graphics on the other. Mirror provides baby with a better sense of “self” and helps to develop a better self-image. 14.5″ x 10″ Birth and up.


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