Price : $36.11
Brand : K├Ąthe Kruse

Kathe Kruse 6.5″ Baby Musical Mobile, Rucola Cushion

Kathe Kruse toys for babies and toddlers are soft, colorful, child-appropriate and are made to enjoy healthy playing. They awaken curiosity, train senses and motor skills, teach the principle of cause and effect or are simply there to cuddle and love. In 1911 Kathe Kruse started making her beautiful handmade dolls for sale in her apartment in Berlin. The first order came from an American toy shop and Kathe Kruse employed a painter and several sewers to help her. Kathe Kruse wrote about that time in her autobiography: No chair, no table, no window sill was left free. There were dolls everywhere. Doll legs, doll arms and doll torsos. There were knitted dresses, crocheted dresses, finished and unfinished dresses and there were sewing patterns. I had to sort the dolls and count the dolls. There were inspected dolls and rejected dolls. Home workers came and went. They came to collect material and to deliver finished work. I was surrounded by delivery men and the telephone did not stop ringing for a single moment. The hand follows the heart. This is the motto of the company’s founder and one that the Kathe Kruse Doll Company has implemented with children in mind for more than 100 years. The Kathe Kruse brand carries much responsibility. Outstanding handwork finds more and more friends. It is not possible to produce products of this quality in any amount and, therefore, they will always be desired. For Kathe Kruse, quality is not only a word or a statement, but the basic principle of our work. Handcraft – a principle I’ll never depart from, Kathe Kruse once said and this principle is still true today in our design as well as in the careful manufacturing and selection of high quality materials. To this end, you get the best possible product in our dolls, toys, accessories and fashions.


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