Price : $47.99
Brand : Playskool

Playskool Giraffalaff Sit n Spin

Playskool Giraffalaff Sit ‘n Spin Toy

Have a kid that can’t sit still? We’ve got a toy for that. Nothing gets the giggles going like spinning until you’re dizzy and silly, especially with a Giraffalaff Sit ‘n Spin pal. With this classic toy, your child can spin fast or slow – just so long as she laughs long and hard, and that’s easy when the handle looks like Giraffalaff! With the Sit ‘n Spin toy, the fun keeps going around, and around and around! This toy also helps encourage development of Gross Motor Skills and Cognitive Learning. Playskool and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • Classic Sit N Spin toy creates hours of spinning and twirling fun
  • Handle looks like the Giraffalaff character
  • Toy can spin fast or slow
  • Now easier to spin
  • Base comes with 2 center post halves, 3 screws, turn handle and instructions

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