Brand : PullyPalz

PullyPalz – The Interactive Pacifier Toy


This innovative toy not only entertains, it keeps pacifiers in view and reach of baby! The PullyPalz use a pulley-like system, so when baby grabs the paci in view, the dropped paci is simultaneously retracted. The Palz save mom and dad from chasing down stray pacifiers, while allowing little ones to practice key motor skills and left/right brain coordination! PullyPalz… There’s always a paci hangin’ around!

Meet the palz. MoMo, Puddles and MooMoo are the lovable friends that both you and your child will adore.

Always ready to lend a hand, or a hoof, MoMo, MooMoo and Puddles are each 100% material safe and ready to be a treasured part of your family.

Developmental Benefits include:

  • eye-hand coordination
  • fine and gross motor function
  • right brand / left brain coordination

Holds most pacifiers: Nuk, MAM, Avent (with handles), Avent Soothie, Playtex Binky, Tommie Tippee, Dr. Brown’s and Nuby


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