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Brand : Schylling

Schylling Jack-In-The-Box

Schylling Jester Jack in the Box

Schylling Jester Jack in the Box
Schylling Jester Jack in the Box

Plays “Pop Goes the Weasel”
A Classic Toy For Every Child’s Toy Chest

This is the perfect addition to any child’s toy chest. The classic Jester Jack in the Box musical toy, a toy that has been entertaining and delighting children for generations. This beautifully decorated tin Jack in the Box plays the well-known standard “Pop Goes the Weasel”. A simple turn of the handle plays the happy song as the child waits in glorious anticipation for the Jester to pop up. This engaging play provides endless fascination and hours of fun.

Built to Last

The Jester Jack in the Box is made of tin, about 5.5 inches square. It’s beautifully decorated with brightly colored, eye catching artwork designed to engage the child. The soft plush puppet Jester is durably made for years of play. The Jester is easily put back into the box after he pops out, ready for another spin of the red handle and a play of the song. This Jack in the Box is destined to become a playroom heirloom.

An Award Winning Schylling Original by Schylling Toys

This Jester Jack in the Box is brought to you by Schylling Toys the world leader in traditional toys and classic fun. Schylling is the world’s largest maker of Jack in the Boxes.

  • The classic Jack in the Box musical toy, guaranteed to bring a smile to a child’s face
  • Hours of delightful fun as the child anxiously awaits the surprise pop up of the plush Jester puppet
  • Turn the handle and it plays “Pop Goes the Weasel”
  • Durably constructed of tin and beautifully decorated for years of playtime enjoyment, for ages 18 months +

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