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Synergies for Sustainable Energy (Artech House Power Engineering)

Here s a one-stop volume that addresses the complete range of clean energy technologies and associated issues. The book highlights synergistic opportunities, showing you how energy efforts in different sectors can be integrated to leverage each one s strength. Moreover, you discover what these opportunities mean at local, regional, and global scales, and learn how different stakeholder priorities can be managed.

You get a global snapshot of critical energy considerations, including the status of resources, consumption trends, technology development and learn how these factors are effected by related social, political, and environmental issues. You are guided through each of the various clean energy technologies, gaining knowledge of important facts, technology basics, key players, markets, relevant analyses and results, and challenges and opportunities.This valuable reference gives you practical tools to aid in decision-making efforts and case studies that provide a real-world perspective.

Contents: Introduction. Global Energy Picture. Energy Efficiency. Renewable Electricity. Alternative Fuels. Energy Storage. Synergies: Putting the Pieces Together. Towards Sustainability: Outlook for the Path Forward. Appendices.


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