Brand : XIDAJE store

XIDAJE store New Design Girl Boy Leggings Long Socks Tights Leg Warmers Color Stripes

? Length: Approximately 10 inches (24CM-27CM£©
? Width: Aproximately 3? inches (about 8CM)
? Item: Leg or Arm Warmers
? Ages: Infants, Toddlers, Pre-teens
? Material: Cotton and Lycra
? Handwash with cold water under 30¡ãC. (less than 86 ¡ãF). Hang to dry.
? Color: Black,or rainbow.

Package Includes:1 pair baby pants.

Baby necessities:
1, not afraid of legs catch cold when changing diapers

2, protect legs avoid scratches when baby play in the par

3, the net-color series suitable for baby to wear when dancing ballet

4, the air-conditioned places: keep legs warm when access to supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, air-conditioned buses, Subway, Aircraft

5, a lot of styles, let your baby shine and cute

6, protect the baby’s leg meat toot from UV damage

7, protect the tender skin when baby crawl

8, not afraid the baby kicked blanket when they sleeping and catch cold

9, in addition to wear in the legs, arms are the same as applicable
10, appropriate for every season


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